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UCD KNIVES is a project started by designer Yasuhiro Uchidaya, who wanted to create knives that could be transmitted from Yamaguchi Prefecture.

After approximately five years of work, we were able to assemble the highest quality materials.

The simple, yet delicate and bold design is unparalleled.


We carefully make each product with the wish to deliver it to everyone who cooks.


Please experience the sharpness of UCD KNIVES.

Feature #1

We purchase materials directly from a blacksmith who has been making Echizen hammered blades in Fukui Prefecture for more than 150 years.

Traditional Japanese steel and manufacturing methods are special.

Feature #2

Each piece is carefully sharpened by a well-known grinder in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture.

The sharpening method is also a distinctive feature and makes UCD KNIVES unique.

Feature #3

Designer Yasuhiro Uchidaya devised a simple yet bold design.

It matches all uses from professional cooks to housewives.

Customer Testimonials

  • Mr. Yamada, Yamaguchi

    I bought this for my mother's 60th birthday celebration. The sharpness of the knife I had been using was getting worse, so I decided to purchase a new one rather than ask them to resharpen it. The new knife is very sharp. She said it's so much easier to grate fish!

  • Mrs. Aoki, Tokyo

    I purchased a Santoku knife that seemed easy to use. It cuts sashimi beautifully, and both my husband and children enjoy eating it very much. I am very happy that I decided to purchase this knife because I will be able to cook a variety of foods and see my family's delight in the future.

  • Mrs. Fujii, Wakayama

    I have been wanting to purchase a beef knife for a long time and took the opportunity to buy one when I moved to a new house. The Gyuto is a little smaller in size and is easy to use for cutting meat. I was able to cut through the meat and skin in one go, and it is like a lie that I had to cut myself several times with the knife so far. It was a wonderful sharpness!


Company name:UCD Consulting Inc.
Location:1870-2 Naka-Ube, Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
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