Daily Care

In order to use UCD KNIVES knives comfortably for a long time, please keep the following points in mind and take care of them properly on a daily basis.

  • After use, wash with a neutral detergent for kitchen use. Afterwards, rinse with plenty of water, wipe dry, and put away.

  • To prevent rusting, do not leave the product with salt or acid stains on it. Also, please do not store the product in a humid place for a long period of time.

  • To keep your knives sharp, sharpen them once or twice a month.

  • In the unlikely event of rust, polish with cleanser or resharpen with a whetstone. To avoid scratching the knife, polish it with a soft material.

  • Please do not dry the product in a microwave oven or oven, etc., as it is very dangerous.

  • Please be careful not to leave the product in water or hot water for long periods of time, as this can cause rusting and corrosion of the handle.

Request for resharpening and repair

If your knife is not sharp or damaged, please contact UCD KNIVES.

For a fee, UCD KNIVES craftsmen will resharpen and repair.
Please use this service when it is difficult to sharpen by yourself or you want to receive thorough maintenance, such as resharpening, repairing chipped blades, replacing handles, etc.

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