Our idea of a knife that will be your partner for a lifetime

This is a gem that our craftsmen have painstakingly created.It creates valuable values that will last a lifetime.

Careful and sincere craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation

We purchase materials directly from a blacksmith who has been making Echizen hammered blades in Fukui Prefecture for more than 150 years.

Traditional Japanese steel and manufacturing methods are special.

Unique Finishes

Each piece is carefully sharpened by a well-known grinder in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture.

The sharpening method is also a distinctive feature and makes UCD KNIVES unique.

The design should be simple and never boring.

Designer Asuhiro Uchidaya devised a simple yet bold design.

It matches all uses from professional cooks to housewives.

Commitment to Materials

White steel is not only hard (sharp) but also tenacious, and above all, it is a wonderfully well-balanced steel.

The greatest feature is sharpness. Once you experience its sharpness, other steels may not be enough. Although it is very difficult to harden, it becomes the best material when it is handled by a traditional blacksmith.

The most time is spent on material selection to achieve this sharpness.

Traditional Japanese white steel

This work was completed after 5 years of trial and error using traditional Japanese white steel. The "Kuro-uchi" technique, unique to Japan, is used to express traditional Japanese kitchen knives

Commitment to Ease of Use

With ease of cutting as the top priority, we use high-grade handles made in Awaji Island.

It is designed with a balance that does not place a burden on the shoulders and hips.