Shipping policy

Shipping method b> strong> p>

We place great importance on delivering our products to our customers as soon as possible. p>

Delivery flow: Order confirmation → Product preparation → Shipping → Receipt completed span> p>

* You can cancel your order within 12 hours of placing your order. span> p> div> div>

Shipping b> strong> p> The shipping fee for general delivery will be 765 yen. It is free if the order amount is 10999 yen or more.

DHL express shipping costs vary depending on the weight of the item you ordered. div>


Delivery time b> strong> p>

1. General shipping strong> p> Ready to ship: 3-5 days ( Usually takes 3 business days to process your order, not including holidays and weekends.) Span>
Mid-delivery time: 10- 20 days
It generally takes 15 business days from shipment to arrival. div>

2. DHL Express Delivery strong> div>
strong> div>
It generally takes 5 business days from shipment to arrival.

b> strong> Note: Delayed logistics, Qing dynasty, holidays / weekends, etc. may affect the delivery date of the cargo. .. Please understand.

* The delivery time is estimated from the shipping date. Not from the order confirmation date. Due to invalid addresses, customs clearance processes, or other causes, it is possible that the delivery date may be delayed. p>

* If you do not receive the item, please contact us within 6 months after shipping. We will get back to you within 24 hours. However, please note that we cannot accept requests that have passed the deadline. p>

* We are very sorry, but span> Orders may be delayed due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection span> . span> Please note. p>

Customer Center: span> strong> p> div>